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Embrace the world of 10 BOOKS 10 COLORS, your premier source for thoughtfully curated art and photography books online.

Sick of endless searching through impersonal big-chain bookstores and online marketplaces for books that truly spark your interest? We've got you covered.

Established in 2023 by Kyu Watanabe, we're an online Art & Photography bookstore based in Toronto, Canada. But we're not your average bookshop. We're on a mission to curate a collection that goes beyond the ordinary.

At 10 BOOKS 10 COLORS, we specialize in portrait and fashion books. Our carefully selected assortment includes rare and out-of-print titles, and contemporary publications from talented small press publishers worldwide.

We're passionate about bringing you the most visually inspiring art books from around the world. From stunning photography to captivating illustrations, our collection is a feast for the eyes.

Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to a personalized art book experience. Join us on this exciting journey as we showcase extraordinary works that ignite your imagination and celebrate the beauty of visual storytelling.

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